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Okay, this will probably throw most people as I usually only post on horse issues. I do care about the war issues, sometimes it is just so overwhelming that I can't take it on online. But South Ossetia is sort of my spiritual home. The people there are descended from the Alan branch of the Sarmatians. I've been concerned about this issue since I first got into exploring what Sarmatian religion might have been like and have been angry about the US alliance with Georgia all along, so since Georgia sent in troops this past week, I've not gotten a lot of sleep. I've started posts, but they're so angry that I can't keep things straight. So I'm reposting this. If nothing else, please look at the last link, okay? It's the Ossetians we should be caring about!

From saigh_allaidh

So, the US needs to "spank" Russia for "invading" another smaller nation. Yeah, because we've not done that a few times this century already (and while everyone reading this turns their thoughts to the Middle East, let me remind you also of Haiti http://www.democracynow.org/2004/4/7/witnesses_u_s_special_forces_trained). Even when it's mentioned, rather offhandedly, in national media, that Georgia had taken "an action" in South Ossetia, the fact that Russia itself, with some might argue more right to do so, was "spanking" Georgia for going in and murdering 2,000 civilians.

Now I'm not going to say that the way Russia handling of this wasn't "heavy-handed"....but it is certainly no more so that what the US has done with far less reason. And Georgia is certainly NOT a country that I feel should be seen as a victim here. The real victims are the people of South Ossetia, which has considered itself independent of Georgia since 1992. Now, either one agrees and should see Georgia as attacking a smaller nation OR one disagrees and Georgia set about to attack some of its own people (which the US keeps saying is a no-no too, as long as you're not an ally). But, of course, Georgia has been an important patsy ally in the invasion of Iraq not to mention other oil related deals, so all war crimes committed by Saakashvili and his government just don't exist as far as Bush and co. are concerned.

I think they should to the American people. Right there along with those of Bush and co. I think we all do need to keep aware that this is far more complicated than "oh...big bad Russia attacked little innocent Georgia with no provocation" that I have seen repeatedly posted on the internet.

Up to 2,000 Killed as Russia-Georgia Fighting Enters Fourth Day on Democracy Now! http://www.democracynow.org/2008/8/11/up_to_2_000_killed_as

What is NOT being seen, except in rare places, is the Ossetian peoples side of the story. You CAN find it on Ossetian Mourning. http://ossetianmourning.blogspot.com/