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From The Horse Foundation:

I now have until 7 pm on Wednesday, Sept 5th bail the horses
Thanks to all of you for your prayers .... and donations.

I finally have photos of the horses we are working to save....

Go to:

We still need $1180.00 to "bail" them, I have homes for them, along with a quarantine facility and transport arranged....this is all included in the $1180.00 that we need to bail / rescue them.

We have 3 horses in Chicago that are slaughter bound, time is running out.
They are set to be on the truck Thursday morning, I need to post their "bail" on Wednesday at the latest!
Won't you please help us rescue these beautiful horses?
Anything would help ... PLEASE HELP THEM!

1 - 4 year old dark bay ... 15.3 hands - he is sound
2 - 4 year old gray dapple ... 16 hands - sound
3 - 3 year old chestnut ... 16.2 hands - sound

Their only "crime' is that they are 2 slow, so they are
being thrown away like yesterdays newspaper.

They are all so young, I want to save them BAD.
I know the guy who grooms them, thats how I found out about them in the 1st place.

Thanks so much,
Tedi / The Horse Foundation, Inc.