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Once again I get away from the computer for awhile and the horror starts again. I was so sure that this was over!

Last US Horse Slaughter Plant to Reopen
By TARA BURGHART | Associated Press Writer
9:05 PM CDT, July 19, 2007

CHICAGO - The nation's last horse-slaughtering plant can reopen while it challenges a state law that forced it to close twice in the last two months, a federal appeals court ruled.

To read the rest http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/west/chi-horseslaughterjul20,0,6190741.story


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May. 31st, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Meet the Lady who walks with the Wild Horses
Needs Our Help

Topics: I’ll be talking about wild horse behavior and all the important aspects of saving our wild horses and burros, Connecting to Our Culture to Nature, Wild Horses and the Human and Horse Bond, Conservation Of Wild Horses, Equine Gentling, Photography Travel sites for those who love Horse Pictures, Humans Connection to Nature, Family Travel of a lifetime, Wild Horse Annie, Wild horses on public lands, The impact of behavioral studies on the horses, and many other related topics. ISPMB has been..."Saving America's Wild Horses and Burros since 1960. Karen Sussman’s private land has seen Stephen Spielberg’s crew and Kevin Costner from “Dancing with Wolves”, Author, Michael Blake, Actress, Stephie Powers, and numerous other stars, interested parties and Wowed animal loving folks.
Karen Sussman is charming as well as educated about 400 hundred horses. She is the only women in the world with (4) wild horse herds. Karen has navigated herself to talk in front of Congress and has met with the most resistant to mediate the lives of wild burro's after an the blood bath near Oatman, AZ. The battle of minds was settled by Karen’s dedication and guidance about other methods besides slaughter.
Karen raised her children in Scottsdale, AZ. She then felt a deep longing which invited by a calling to help USA’s horse herds. Nothing is impossible for Karen she has help organized the freedom for the Apache Sitgrave horses with Dr. Pat Haigh and the only free herd wild horses. She assisted to moving buffalos from Catalina Island to South Dakota keep them as an American symbol, yet her dreams got bigger.
Karen feels comfortable on her rural South Dakota farm and conservation with hundreds of acres on grazing prairie. The Lakota believe they would have a person come to them to re-unit the horses with their culture. The horse was used in ceremonies, games, hunting, and war and in everyday life. The horse was a symbol of freedom, strength, pride and courage. The Indian people believe that they had the horse long before the Spanish arrived. The horse was bred for specific purposes. A fast pony was a highly cherished animal with the Indian people. Today we have the privilege of having the wild horse in our midst again. As the Indian people search for their roots and regain their ceremonies.
Princeton University is coming this summer to research the behavior of wild horses in natural herds and its founding president “Wild Horse Annie” is going to Hollywood.


You tube ~A Must Watch~ A delightful story
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JDcQE0a0uw ~ You tube ~A must watch ~ a delightful story

Contact: Location: International Society of Mustangs and Burros, Karen Sussman,
Address: ISPMB, PO Box 55, Lantry, SD 57636-0055
Phone: 605-964-6866, Mobile: 605-365-6991 (11-5 Mountain time) Messages will be returned in farm time
E-Mail: ispmb@lakotanetwork.com

Biography of Karen Sussman

ISPMB Fund Raising Campaign
ISPMB’s situation May 2010, Karen Sussman and I need to get over the hump of any winter and spring season. This triple whammy season and severe blizzards -rain and snow levels drifting 20 feet.
ISPMB is grateful the earth got a BIG drink of water since there have been several drought level summers. ISPMB applied for FEMA funding, but this demolished the winter fund.
ISPMB is looking for hay donations or checks of any amount to make up for disaster of $75,000.00 is needed to make up for these lose of reserve of winter funds.
Winters are harsh in any winter South Dakota needs winter fund yearly. If debt is reduced this amount needs to overflow as any business needs emergency fund reserves.

Donations Need: This is a High Emergency Level
•Donation in Hay represented in $2500.00 per month for hay cost to feed four herds
Larger donates, Assist in Disaster Fund, Love donations. Give as your Heart wishes.

Disaster Fund is currently $75,000.00 due to Declared Disaster, March -2010 by President Obama.

Volunteer form for additional donations of time or resources

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